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Fillable PDF Forms


Fillable Forms

You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view and fill these forms. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program, download it from Adobe's Web site.


Click here to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Please read these instructions first before downloading and using these forms.


Procedure to use these forms.

1. Find the form(s) you need to download

2. Click on form(s) to open

3. Save the form(s) to your computer

4. Use the TAB key to navigate through the form

5. Type your information into the appropriate fields on the form

6. Click on check boxes to select to appropriate one

7. Use the letters DNA in fields that are not applicable

8. Print the form

9. Print extra copies of the form for future use or for your records

10. Close the form - WARNING - The data you entered into the form will not be saved



Fillable forms

          Complaint Form

          Security Guard registration application

          Private Investigator registration application

          8 hour armed refresher verification form

          Card replacement request form

          Monthly Armed security guard roster


     Security Guard Agency Forms

          Security Guard Agency application for new agencies, agency renewals, restructures or resident managers

          8 hour unarmed pre-assignment training program curriculum for agencies to train new and renewaing security guards

          Security Guard Associate registration application for Associates, upgrade to armed for qualifying party or resident manager



     Private Investigation Agency Forms

          Private Investigation Agency application for new agencies, agency renewals or agency restructures

          Private Investigator Associate registration application for associates

          Surety Bond for Private Investigation Agencies


    Firearm-Safety Instructor Forms

          Firearm-Safety Instructor application for new and renewing firearm-safety instrucctors

          8 hour armed refresher verification form  Yearly 8 hour armed refresher verification form




Please print these forms after you have entered your information. 

These fillable forms will not save the information you entered.



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